Cabins in the middle of nature in the heart of Finland

Would you like to spend the summer like a Finn in a cabin in the middle of nature? Renting a “mokki”, as rural cabins are called in Finnish, is a great suggestion to enjoy the long days of the Nordic summer and savor relaxed country life, without the pressure of the clock and breathing fresh air. There are cabins for all tastes and budgets: houses on private islands, refuges lost in nature and even an old fire station.

For the Finns, escaping to a cabin to disconnect is quality of life. Throughout the country there are half a million of these vacation rentals, mostly hidden among forests, on the shores of a lake or somewhere on the coast, thanks to the low population density of the entire country. Enjoying a sauna and a refreshing swim in the lake, with direct access from the cabin’s terrace and in the tranquility of a wooded environment, is the very essence of what Finns understand by summer bliss. Of course, in the company of his friends and away from mass tourism.

Villa Fregatti: where to indulge in luxury?

Located on the private island Aateli, in the beautiful Lake Nauasjärvi. The villa has three bedrooms, fireplace, sauna, whirlpool, home cinema and sunroom. It can be reached aboard two boats, of which the General Jermu can be rented for fishing trips and other water activities.

Thanks to its heliport, it is also accessible by helicopter or private jet . The price of a weekend ranges between €1,295 and €1,475, depending on the dates; and the full week amounts to €8,950. The catering and cleaning services are adapted to the needs of the client. More information at:

Wanha Paloasema: a most original wink

It is an old fire station converted into a villa. It is located on the grounds of the Patruunantalo Hotel, 110km east of Helsinki. Its interiors have been completely renovated and only the exterior appearance and old photos remind us of its first functions.

The cabin can accommodate 10 people , and has a living room, kitchen and bathrooms. A lakeside sauna with bathtub are available for an extra charge. The weekly price is €1,100 and €420 at the weekend. More information at:

Koron Korsu: A Lappish house in the most authentic nature

A hut hidden behind a sandy ridge on the shore of the crystal-clear Korsulampi Lagoon in Posio, 130 km southeast of Rovaniemi. This cabin is decorated in a rustic style, has a room with capacity for three people and a private sauna.

The philosophy of the house is to leave the demanding modern world behind and relax in fusion with nature: it is lit by candles, the bathroom is outside, the drinking water comes directly from the spring next to the cabin. The nearby Korouoma Canyon offers a perfect setting for hiking and fishing. Its price is €70 per night. More information at:

Culture Holidays has 4,000 cataloged cabins and rural houses in Finland for all budgets and tastes. With a capacity of 2 to 20 people, most of the ‘mokki’ are located on the shores of lakes and have a private sauna. Weekly rates range from €500 to €2,000, depending on the season, the size, location and category of the cabin.

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