Sensuality and fantasy in the Brazilian Carnival 2010

The Sao Paulo Carnival is not only one of the largest in Brazil (the largest city in Latin America), but also the most important and beautiful cultural symbol of the Brazilian people. For five days the most impressive floats have paraded through the famous Sambadrome in front of nearly 60 thousand people who have not stopped following the explosion of music, colors and fun from the stands.

Thanks to Carnival, the city of Sao Paulo receives 30 thousand tourists, which generates income of up to 50 million euros. Of the total number of visitors, it is estimated that 20% are foreigners. Not surprising given that it is the event of the year on the other side of the pond.

Ronaldo in the parade

This year the great party in Brazil has had a luxury guest, Ronaldo, who has become one of the animators of the Anhembí sambadrome of the Sao Paulo carnival. The Gavioes da Fiel samba school chose the centenary of Corinthians as the theme for the parade at the party and featured the team’s goalscorer as the main attraction for spectators.

The former Barca striker got on the last of the five allegorical floats that paraded down the samba catwalk on the last day for the fourteen schools that disputed the title of Special Group and was accompanied by a large group of dancers. Ronaldo, who last year accompanied the school as a spectator, this time participated actively and assured that “it was beautiful, incredible and unbeatable” although he acknowledged that in samba he is not a phenomenon.

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