Spring Break or ‘spring break’: party, excesses and consequences

Party, alcohol, sex, beach and lack of control. That is the ultimate goal of the famous Spring Break, a few days that students from half the world reserve to travel to places like Florida, Cancun or Salou and let loose in style.

Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, Chinese and Koreans are regulars at Spring Break, which is usually held, as its name suggests, at the beginning of spring, coinciding with a week of university festivities.

But they are not exactly a few days off to regain strength. Quite the opposite. Spring break is the excuse for young people to drink alcohol to their hearts content and live 24 hours a day of partying. The problem is that, far from going unnoticed, the students end up starring in street fights, drunken comas and multiple unpleasant episodes.

Balconing and other consequences

One of the dangerous fashions associated with this type of travel is balconing, a practice that has become popular among young people in recent years and which consists of jumping between the balconies of a hotel or from a balcony into the pool. Unfortunately, these jumps have already claimed the lives of several young people and have left serious consequences for others.

Far from being scared, the protagonists of these wild vacations continue to flock to their most popular destinations, filling everything in their path with noise and dirt and making neighbors and tourists uncomfortable year after year.

One of the latest Hollywood releases addresses precisely this issue with Selena Gomez as one of its four protagonists. Spring Breakers shows the uncontrolled and unforgettable vacations that four beautiful Americans experience during their week of partying in the spring.

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