Travel through Spain, European leader in ecological destinations

Ecological tourism prevails and Spain has become the European leader with the largest number of ecological tourist destinations, as reported by the travel portal. Of the total number of certified ecological zones throughout Europe, Spain owns 50% of them. An economic resource that we should take into account in these times when sustainable tourism is on the rise.

Ecological tourism

When we talk about ecological tourism we refer to responsible and sustainable tourism with the environment as opposed to mass tourist movements that do not respect the environment. Ecotourism does not only imply spending holidays in nature, it implies active participation to protect biodiversity and is also an important boost for the development of local communities. It is, therefore, an active participation with the natural environment.

Undoubtedly, a different vacation for which more and more people are betting, tired of sun and beach tourist destinations where, sometimes, resting is the most difficult.

Choosing an ecological destination implies a responsible trip and preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of the area, so the green traveler will have to be aware of their own importance in the development and protection of the natural environment.

The trend towards a tourist activity that causes the least possible environmental impact is becoming a necessity in the face of climate change and fortunately it is having a great acceptance among travelers, who are increasingly aware of their role in the development of sustainability.

Ecological destinations

Some of the proposals for ecological tourist destinations in Spain, or green destinations, are quite interesting. Andalusia is the community with the most certified ecological destinations. One of our favorites is the Sierra Nevada Natural Park. Hiking, horseback riding or interpretation of the environment are some of the activities that you can do in one of the most impressive landscapes that Spain has to offer.

Castilla y León is another of the communities with the most proposals for ecological destinations, highlighting the Natural Park of Las Batuecas, in the province of Salamanca.  Enjoying the richness and diversity of both fauna and plants here becomes an unforgettable experience within the reach of any pocket.

In Catalonia, ecotourism offers vary from bird watching to cycling, on routes that combine history, culture and nature. And from Galicia we get the possibility of delving into the marine work of collecting shellfish with boat routes and scuba diving courses.

And if we talk about green tourism, we cannot forget the two green communities par excellence: Asturias and Cantabria. Its cultural and natural richness catches the traveler as soon as he enters these impressive landscapes of mountains, forests and rivers where the oldest traditions are still preserved.

And that is what ecological tourism is all about, to contribute our grain of sand to keep biodiversity alive, to raise awareness of the need for sustainable development and to respect the environment. Without forgetting to enjoy a vacation like never before.

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