10 Christmas movies to watch as a family

Christmas time is time to be with the family and to enjoy the holidays. Even if you are a woman who works on those days, you should know that you always have to find a moment or several days to enjoy them with your loved ones. Although the love for family should last all year, the Christmas holidays only happen in December, so you have to enjoy them! And one way to do it is by watching Christmas movies as a family, don’t miss the following titles!

Christmas movies to watch as a family

  1. Love actually. This film is undoubtedly a Christmas movie for all audiences that makes us feel good when we see it. It is a film that will make us all believe in love again.
  2. It is a Christmas comedy that is worth giving it a try since you will not be able to stop laughing.
  3. Nightmare Before Christmas. This film may undoubtedly seem somewhat gloomy or sinister, but it is quite a cult film that cannot be missing on these very important dates.  In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas takes center stage in a gloomy world where no one knew what happiness was.
  4. Home alone. It is a classic in funny Christmas movies. It is about a boy whose parents leave him alone at home because he has a trip and must deal with some thieves.
  5. The Grinch. This movie is about a Christmas character known because he is in charge of stealing Christmas. He is a green ogre who hates Christmas and wants to ruin it. He is great at remembering the true purpose of Christmas and putting aside the exaggerated consumerism of these dates.
  6. Edward Scissor hands. This movie is great to watch as a family because it is about impossible love.
  7. You can’t gift your family. Do you want to laugh and have a good time with your family?  Without a doubt, this is a film that, in addition to laughing, will make you think about family values.
  8. A dad in trouble. A film that, although it is already old, still makes people who see it laugh. Without a doubt, a movie to be in the family.
  9. Polar Express. It is an animated film aimed at all those people who have lost their illusion in this very special time of the year. They will recover the Christmas spirit, without a doubt.
  10. Wow Santa Claus! It is a film that tells the adventures of a boy who is angry with his mother and his stepfather, but he will have to live a very funny story.

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