Going topless, in decline and prohibited depending on where

The topless is still currently the subject of controversy and debate. Taking off the bikini top is still a problem for many women, who either don’t dare or are held back by their surroundings. If we add to this the growing conservative trend and the legislation on many beaches where hopelessness is prohibited, we find ourselves with a setback in a trend that seemed to have no going back.

The topless tradition

The topless began to become popular at the end of the 60s when the feminist movements acquired great relevance. Being able to sunbathe bare-chested was quite an achievement in the fight for gender equality. And it was on the beaches of France on the Côte d’Azur where the first women sunbathing topless began to be seen. However, already in the 1930s, Gala, Dalí’s muse, had transgressed Puritan customs by going topless on the beaches of Torremolinos.

In Spain, especially on the Mediterranean coast, going topless is such a widespread custom that it does not pose a scandal or a moral dilemma for almost anyone. And we say almost no one, because there is everything. Young people have a more conservative ideological tendency than previous generations, contrary to what should be expected. And the youngest consider it inappropriate to remove the bikini top in the presence of family or friends. The same is happening in France, where beach uncovering is giving way to modesty and fewer and fewer women are seen topless. This turning back in some Mediterranean coastal areas never ceases to amaze us.

The dangers of being topless

We are less surprised by the persecution suffered in the US by women willing to go topless on the beach. In the American country there are a large number of states where it is strictly prohibited, including high penalties for those who do not comply with the law. We all remember the scandal generated a few years ago when Janet Jackson showed one of her breasts in a performance during the Super Bowl. That is why there are movements like Go Top Less that promote protest demonstrations against what they consider an attack on their freedom.

And it is that the long-awaited tan without marks can bring some legal problems depending on where we are. Neither the image of an erotic myth like Brigitte Bardot coming out of the water without a bikini top, nor the promotion of a topless-loving model can make the most conservative sectors stop considering this practice as unseemly.

The same happens in Brazil, a surprising case, if we take into account that it is one of the countries that is most associated with beaches, sun, dances and sexual liberation. Well, on the beaches of Brazil you can find a multitude of women sunbathing with a thong made of dental floss, but not with their breasts uncovered.

So if you are one of those looking for a homogeneous tan and you have no qualms about going topless, if you are going to travel, find out beforehand the legislation of the country you are going to so as not to have problems.

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