The islands of Thailand, the ideal destination for a romantic relaxing holiday

Ko Chang (Trat province) is the second largest island in Thailand, after Phuket. Its name means ‘Island of the Elephants’ and it is the center of an archipelago made up of 52 islands. Its long white sand beaches have captivated hotel chains, which have begun to settle here. However, it is still a destination for lonely people, ideal to get away from the noise and savor the sweet taste of relaxation and tranquility.

The northern beaches are the loneliest and most isolated, such as Diamond Sand. Further south, on Hat Tha Nam beach, it is possible to stay in cabins set in trees. The largest bay on the island is formed by the well-known and lively Hat Sai Khao Beach, with white sand and surrounded by palm trees with lush hills as a backdrop. Adventure and mountain lovers will make this island one of their favorite destinations.

Islands of Thailand, relaxation and adventure

In the surroundings of Ko Chang there are numerous islands that must be visited in order not to miss their beauty and nature. Thus, the island of Ko Mak is one of the most visited and is considered one of the most beautiful on the south and west coast. This island with white sand beaches is occupied by plantations of coconut palms and rubber trees. Next to it is the tiny island of Ko Kham, ideal for sunbathing and bathing.

Halfway between Ko Chang and Ko Mak is the island of Ko Whai ideal for divers wishing to practice snorkelingamong its abundant rocks and for those seeking tranquility. The small island of Ko Lao Ya, off the southeast cape of Ko Chang, is one of the most visited in the archipelago and numerous companies run organized excursions to it. Here visitors will find beaches with crystal clear water.

Last but not least is the island of Ko Kood – the second largest island in the archipelago after the main Ko Chang. The main beaches are concentrated in the western part of the island: Hat Tapho, Hat Khlong Chao and Hat Khlong Yai KI. In them the water is turquoise blue. An unbeatable setting for a romantic vacation where you can forget about everything and enjoy the heat.

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