Beware of pickpockets!

It is summer, we are in times of crisis, and pickpockets find at this time of the year the perfect opportunity to do business and collect a few euros, even if it is in an unethical way. Therefore, the best thing you can do is protect yourself against summer robberies so you don’t have any unpleasantness that makes your vacation bitter. Here are some tips that we hope will help you.

How to avoid theft?

  1. First of all, although many girls have the habit of carrying the bag located on the back, it is better that you carry it in front of you, and that you hold it with your hand. If possible, it is also preferable to opt for a chain shoulder bag since it always has more resistance to a pull.
  2. It is better that you carry a very small bag, so you can hide it by putting a jacket on top or a scarf.
  3. Carry little money in your wallet. It is the best measure you can take so that in the event of an unforeseen event, you do not have to regret large losses.
  4. Pickpockets act in all places, even in the most unsuspected. In other words, there are not only options for robbery in the subway but also on the beach. Therefore, the towel area should never be empty while you are bathing. There should always be a family member in charge of all material goods to be able to enjoy safely. On the other hand, it should also be remembered that in many swimming pools there are lockers where you can store valuables.
  5. During the holidays, if you want to wear valuable jewelry, then wear rings that are very thin and very simple. The same happens with earrings or necklaces. Avoid showing off.
  6. Try to go sightseeing in quiet areas of the city and be as little as possible in those places that are full of people, since in the middle of the crowd, pickpockets feel safer.
  7. The best place to carry your wallet is not your bag but your pants pocket.
  8. If you want to carry a valuable object in your luggage, then take it in a handbag so that it is always within your reach.
  9. Keep in mind that pickpockets are very adept at gaining the trust of their potential victims. Therefore, do not trust any stranger.
  10. Without a doubt, in a quality hotel the professionals respect the property of the clients.  But in case of any unforeseen event, do not forget to talk to the hotel manager to ask for responsibilities.

A robbery always causes discomfort, not only financial, but often emotional. This is what happens when someone takes something that has great sentimental value to you. Follow these tips and you can avoid it.

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