Holidays by the pool, the alternative to the beach

To endure the heat there is nothing better than taking a dip on the beach or in the pool. If you have run out of vacations and you have to spend the summer in your city, don’t worry, don’t give up a refreshing bath. Surely you have a pool nearby where you can turn hot summer afternoons into refreshing fun days.

Beach or pool?

We know that this summer you are dying to take a trip to the beach, sunbathe and bathe in the sea. But it is not always possible and, believe it or not, there are also people who prefer the comfort of a swimming pool to the nuisance of the sand on a crowded beach. All you have to do is notice that one of the advertising claims of the hotel complexes is their fabulous swimming pool. And there is nothing better than sunbathing and submerging yourself in the water of a calm pool while you drink a summer cocktail.

If you can’t afford a luxury resort and you have to settle for your community or neighborhood pool, take it with a positive attitude, because this summer you’ll enjoy your pool as if you were in Cancun. Meet your friends and get ready to have fun. Do not put on the first thing you find, dress as if you were on vacation and go down to the pool. Choose a trendy bikini and a towel that attracts attention, and don’t forget that when it comes to summer sandals, Hawaiian sandals are a must for going to the pool. Get ready, because surely you are not the only one who has run out of vacations.

Pool precautions

In any case, to avoid unpleasant surprises on your pool days, we give you some basic recommendations.

Protect yourself from the sun. There are people who only use sunscreen when they go to the beach. If you are going to lie in the sun by the pool, take the protector, a hat and sunglasses. Respect the safety regulations imposed by each pool. Behave in a civic and responsible manner so as not to disturb other users. Moisturizes and cares for your skin.  Chlorine and other chemicals contained in swimming pool water can damage your skin. In summer, extreme hydration of your skin and hair. Avoid dangerous games under water. Remember that you are not alone in the pool, so do not act endangering your safety and that of others. Be careful with alcohol. Bathing after having had a few drinks too many or at night can be a risk, leave the dip for the next day.

Although we all believe that we act responsibly, Health warns of the high number of admissions to hospitals derived from inappropriate behavior in swimming pools. And every summer the news continues to report deaths from the practice of so-called balconing. Take your common sense to the pool so you can enjoy the refreshing days you need this summer.

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