Holidays with the in-laws: how to survive

Things are getting more and more difficult due to the crisis situation we are experiencing and now, for many families, taking a vacation trip is a real luxury that they cannot afford.  In this way, many choose to stay at home enjoying not having to get up early to go to work, but others need to get away from home a bit. The cheapest alternative is to spend the holidays with the in-laws, but the fact that it is the cheapest does not mean that it is the most pleasant.

Keys to travel with your in-laws

The prospect of spending your vacation days with your in-laws does not appeal to you at all, but in the absence of an alternative plan, your husband and children are delighted to spend those days in the country house with the grandparents. So this time you can’t get away and you have to accept his offer of a family vacation. Above all, don’t lose your smile.

Perhaps you have found yourself in a trap, because you prefer to stay in your apartment rather than share your rest with your in-laws who will end up causing you more stress between obligations, hints and misunderstandings. But you have to admit that for your children and your husband it is a relief to have at least the resource of the grandparents’ house in town to disconnect for a few days. So it’s your turn to give in; That’s how family relationships are.

Face the situation with a positive mood. If you have never gotten along with your mother-in-law, it is certain that during these holidays you will not be able to become the best of friends; no need she does. But it does depend on your attitude to achieve a good coexistence on vacation. Don’t go defensive, because not everything your mother-in-law says is to attack herself, it just is. So she ignores all those comments that hurt you and go out into the garden as soon as an argument starts to brew.

Surviving a vacation with your in-laws

It would not hurt if you talk to your husband about the need to spend some time alone before you start the family vacation. Just because you go with your in-laws doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Do not let them plan your leisure 24 hours a day and reserve a space for yourselves.

It is assumed that if you go to your in-laws’ house, you will have to help with the housework; everyone, not just you. And try to maintain an atmosphere of dialogue with your mother-in-law, planning the menus, providing new ideas and suggestions to spend time with the family. When you notice that your spirits drop, think of your children who are enjoying their vacations like never before.

You can also take these holidays with your in-laws on the positive side, finally being able to get closer to them taking advantage of the fact that you are in a more relaxed moment, free from stress and daily problems. Perhaps it is the right time for them to stop seeing you as a distant woman who separates them from their son and grandchildren and to consider you as an ally in the family.

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