Destination Istanbul, European Capital of Culture 2010

Istanbul, the only city in the world that sits on two continents, is throughout 2010 the European Capital of Culture. It is a city with enormous wealth and cultural diversity that fascinates its visitors.

Istanbul not only unites Europe with Asia, but also East and West, the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, belief with wisdom, the glorious with the humble, dogma with pragmatism, the global with the local.

When touring the city, you feel invaded by the emotion of losing yourself in the history of its streets, neighborhoods, temples, mosques and palaces. An ideal place to feel unforgettable sensations through the five senses and enjoy music, art and day-to-day fun.

The charms of the city

Daily life in Istanbul is fed by hundreds of testimonies of its history, its museums, its churches, its palaces, its great mosques, its bazaars, its temples and the spectacular views that reveal its inexhaustible natural beauty from any corner. During 2010, Istanbul will be a city full of art and culture from all over the world. A city separated by water and united by it, a city that does not sleep, a city where you can enjoy emotions, people’s lives.

The importance of Istanbul 2010 lies in the fact that the city will be for the enjoyment and participation of its inhabitants, its visitors and of the global citizen who will live a unique event on each of the days that he visits the city covered by the universal culture that unites people, souls, towns and will help to create thousands of bridges between continents, towns, beliefs and art. It will be a city open to Europe and the world as it has been throughout its thousand-year history. A city to lose yourself in, to find yourself in…

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