The fashion of mother-daughter and father-son travel

Family trips with children have always happened. But as the children get older, it is more difficult to plan a joint getaway due to the lack of appetite of adolescents or young people, the difficulty of combining the vacation calendars of fathers or mothers, economic difficulties, etc. Despite this, a new trend is beginning to take shape in travel agencies: getaways for mothers and daughters or fathers and sons. It is not that it was not done years ago, it is that now this type of vacation is beginning to spread so much that special programs are already seen in hotels and agencies. With family and just for them or just for them.

These trips have many advantages since they help to strengthen the family bond between travelers, it represents a more affordable economic cost than if the whole family traveled, it can respond to a prize or encouragement towards our son/daughter for their good academic results and it does not imply a total break with some of the essential routines, since the other spouse can continue carrying out tasks such as taking care of the pet, running a business, etc.

Types of trips for mothers and daughters

Among the travel offers for mothers and daughters who are around 16 years old, shopping trips or attending some kind of show such as a concert by a teen idol stand out. When the girls are already approaching their twenties, there are also many getaways to spas or spas, which seek relaxation for both in combination, often, with a program of healthy gastronomy. There are also trips for beauty treatments, either to undergo body care or carry out a healthy diet in a specialized center.

As for the trips for them, those whose main objective is to attend a major sporting event stand out, be it a tennis or football match, a Formula 1 race or motorbikes, etc. Of course, the trip includes a tourist visit to the city, but the main reason for the trip is usually sports. Travel to compete in events such as marathons is also beginning to become fashionable.

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