The wild water park: a unique corner in Tyrol

If there is a dream corner in Austria, that is without a doubt the Wild Water Park, located in the Stubai Valley and characterized by imposing mountains, a glacier and wild water.

Due to his great interest in the history and geology of his native valley, Luis Töchteler had the idea of ​​making this park, which due to its natural beauty is one of the favorite places for natives and hikers. In this project, ‘Wild Waters’ are considered natural water elements or those based on them.

Wild water road

The center of the Wild Water Park is the Wild Water Way. It is a circular route that can be done in four stages of 4 days, sleeping in refuges in the Alps, or in short or long stages. This trail starts at Klaus Äuele, where there is a water play park.

For this path, the ascent to the ‘Sulzenau’ cabin has been activated again, passing very close to the waterfall. Especially on the lookout platforms, the hiker feels the force and foam of the water very strongly. The route continues over glacial terrain to the ‘Dresdner’ cabin. After crossing the glacier, the hike calms down, the water calms down and the hiker approaches the mountain lakes and streams of the ‘Ruderhof’. At the end the path leads to the ‘Regensburger’ hut and to the high marsh back to Klaus Äuele.

The new activation of already existing paths or expansion of the stages is singular in its construction, made by mountain guides, taking all the necessary measures to avoid influencing nature and without any use of machinery.

The Wild Water Park stretches across the entire Stubai Valley, the path lies at the end of the glacier valley. A scenario with places related to water, fulfilling the objective of inform about nature and naturally the relaxation that water offers. Among other places, the Mischbach waterfall, the plateau of ten lakes, the viewpoint of the Top of Tyrol platform, the dividing line of the Stubai glacier, as well as Franz Senn’s cabin with its ‘Gotto of the Maw’ (Höllenrachen ).

The WildeWasserWissen (The Knowledge of Wild Waters) is the third pillar of this park, which offers everything you have and want to know about wild water, life and changes in the glacier, water as a source of life or the force of water. This pillar is still under development.

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