Is it necessary to take out travel insurance?

The time comes to plan the vacations and in the travel agency or on the web they offer us  to take out travel insurance. We wonder what to do, whether to hire him or not, and what is going to cover us if we have a mishap. Let’s discover your keys:

Travel insurance offers medical, legal and baggage coverage to all travelers who want to travel. The companies that provide this type of insurance are the Insurers, so you should know that these normally do not cover travel assistance services, that is, when contracting basic or normal travel insurance, the passenger must pay all the expenses incurred in the trip and later claim from their Insurer amounts paid for medical assistance, luggage, etc.

If the insurance is not included in the total price of the trip and you have to make a disbursement parallel to it, remember that it is not mandatory to contract the insurance with the agency that offers you the trip. You can go to your trusted insurance agent and be able to personally choose à la carte coverage. If the agency requires you to have insurance to carry out the trip, you can give them a copy of the one you have taken out yourself.

State your needs

You will also have to take into account what your needs are and contract the insurance according to them. Do you want insurance that covers you in case of illness or accidents, in case of theft or loss of luggage, or also in case of trip cancellation? This and much more can be offered by any insurance company, but before contracting, follow these instructions:

Check the contract you have with the credit cards you use, as well as your private health insurance, as it is possible that you have some type of travel coverage and you don’t know it.

Do not think that by contracting the maximum they will give you a higher amount, because no company is going to reimburse you beyond the cost of your trip. Always read the fine print before signing any policy.

Do not think that you will have health coverage in any country because you have health insurance in yours, not all countries have international agreements.

In every policy there are always restrictions. Find out what they are and how they can affect you by finding out what travel insurance covers.

Check that you can make your claims via the Internet with the insurer, because if you suffer a mishap you can contact them to solve the problems without having to spend a fortune on international calls.

Check that your policy allows you to insure valuable items, such as laptops, iPods, cameras, mobile phones, etc.

And if you practice active tourism that can also cover certain sports or adventure activities: rafting, hiking, bungee jumping, safaris, diving, parachuting, etc.

Once all these keys have been raised, you should assess whether or not to take out travel insurance and what coverage to choose, although due to their low cost (it usually ranges from 0.5 to 5% of the total trip or vacation package ) you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your trip will be covered against possible unforeseen events and that you will be able to enjoy your vacations in a safer way.

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