What to do with pets on vacation

Many people acquire a pet without thinking about the responsibilities that it entails. They enjoy the unconditional love they receive from their pet throughout the year, but as the holidays approach they begin to see it as a burden with which they don’t know what to do.  It is true that having a pet can influence the type of vacation you choose, but it is time for you to start seeing your pet for what it really is, as one more member of your family that you have to count on.

Enjoy the holidays with your pet

The reasons why many people decide to go on vacation without their pets are very varied.  The main one is the difficult adaptation of some of the animals to new places. Another drawback is the accommodation, since many hotels do not accept animals. However, given the growing awareness of planning a vacation with your pet, more and more hotel complexes are offering an accommodation service for animals, which generally means a plus in price.

You can also choose to rent a rural house, a more independent option and with greater ease to accommodate your pet. Top rural offers some accommodation of this type in which your animal will be as welcome as the rest of the family.

Traveling to a foreign country is another reason why many people decide not to have their pet on vacation. It is true that if it is an organized circuit and a group trip, the travel agency itself will most likely not accept pets. But there is always the possibility of organizing the trip on your own. In that case, find out about the country’s legislation regarding pets because you will have to bring all the papers in order.

Count on your pet to plan vacations

If you decide to take your pet on your vacation, you have to take into account a series of recommendations so that the consequences of the change of environment do not harm it.  If you are going to travel by car, rest frequently so that your pet does not suffer from dizziness and can relieve itself. Take his favorite toys on the trip to make him feel at home and see that he drinks plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Find out before leaving the possible accommodations that accept animals. And check that in the establishment they are rigorous with their health card. This way you will make sure that sick animals have not been there before.

Avoid as far as possible changing the animal’s habits in terms of meal times, outings and care. If possible, it is also advisable not to vary the brand of your food.

If in the end you have no choice but to go on vacation without your pet, you can choose to leave it at the home of a trusted person who provides the same care and with whom the animal feels comfortable. Another option is to take your pet to a specialized residence where they will take care of it during the entire time you are on vacation. But make sure beforehand that both the residence and the staff meet all the requirements so that your pet receives the care it deserves.

In any case, remember that your pet is your responsibility, and also one of the family.  Therefore, if when planning your vacation, you take into account your needs and limitations and those of your family, you will also have to take into account those of your pet.

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