Tips for preparing suitcases

You’re going on vacation! After a hard year of work, you finally see yourself preparing the trip with great enthusiasm. The only thing is that you can’t take your entire closet with you, how do you manage? We offer you some advice so that you can pack your bags without forgetting anything, without leaving your clothes in the spin-dry and other secrets that will make you an expert in suitcase parades.

Although you already know this, we remind you to check in advance (by phone, on the Internet…) the conditions that each airline company applies, or the train, bus or ferry, which may condition the size and weight of your luggage if you do not want to pay the rest. In addition, consult the regulations that apply to European airports and the latest changes, such as the closed transparent bag that will contain all the liquids that we carry up to a maximum of 100 ml. per container. And now hands to the suitcase!

The first rule: choose a suitcase with wheels and a handle. Or is it that you want to get to paradise all contracture? Unless you’re an Angelina Jolie doppelganger or over 80, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone willing to carry your bags, so be practical and look for a model that’s easy to transport. If you are going to fly, choose a model with a rigid structure, since when you check in your luggage it can suffer small bumps during handling and endanger the content. What has been said: choose the type, size and number of suitcases, depending on the duration of the trip and what we want or can take.

Second rule: save when choosing clothes. Previously analyze the place of destination. The weather, basic needs, specific requirements of the trip, uses and customs of the place to visit, etc., is what will determine what to put in the suitcase. Make a list of objects you want to bring: dresses, outfits, swimwear, coats, pajamas, shoes, toiletry bag, sunglasses, electronic devices… and avoid the “just in case” items that you will rarely use. Try to choose clothes that are combinable with each other, it will give you more play. take just enough: one set of underwear per day, one outer set per day, a few shoes and bags… But remember that if you attend a party or gala you must bring the appropriate garment according to the protocol. And when you have that garment in hand, ask yourself twice: “do I really need it?”

Third rule: if they have it, don’t take it . Call the hotel, apartment or place where you are staying and ask if they have towels, sheets, a hair dryer and all those things that you do not want to carry in your luggage. Also ask about the laundry service, if you go for many days you will need it, or you will have to anticipate washing some clothes. If the answer is yes, you will save space and weight with just one phone call!

Fourth rule: your suitcase is like Tetris. Less delicate items that can be folded will be placed at the bottom. Button and zip everything up, so it won’t wrinkle less. The finest garments will go on top. Wrap very delicate clothes in onion paper to reduce wrinkles. Put the footwear in plastic bags and place it on the sides of the suitcase so that it does not crush the rest of the belongings. Take advantage of empty spaces for small supplies, toiletry bags, socks and underwear. Use the elastic straps on the suitcase to ensure that the contents will not shift. See how easy?

Fifth rule: the suitcase is yours. Label and identify all the suitcases you carry: put your name and surname, delivery address, email and contact telephone number, as well as any information that identifies you in case of loss. Also inside the suitcase, to avoid mischief!  And if the suitcase has a key or padlock, use it.

Sixth rule: the heaviest goes with you . Carry the heaviest garments and most valuable objects in your hand. For example, it is better to carry a coat by hand than in a suitcase, which “eats up” half the space. And if we carry a laptop or camera, better in our hand luggage than checking it in, in case it gets lost or breaks, yes, remember the chargers too. And don’t forget the travel guides, maps and useful addresses. Better with you than at the bottom of the suitcase when you arrive at your destination. And, for added security, ask yourself if you need travel insurance for your bags.

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