Going out and shopping in Berlin

Berlin offers many possibilities in terms of architecture and monuments, but the German capital offers many other facets to fully enjoy the charm of one of the most cosmopolitan European cities.

One of the most important characteristics of Berliners is tolerance, something that allows the coexistence of different tribes, people of different race, status or beliefs. Thus, Berlin continues to be peacefully divided into two neighborhoods with different styles, which satisfy the tastes and needs of all its inhabitants and visitors: a more distinguished and calm side in the West is complemented by the East, which is more bohemian and transgressive. In both one and the other, tourists will be able to find a wide list of places where they can spend a night out or buy whatever they are looking for.

Nightlife in berlin

Berlin is known worldwide as the capital of techno, a style of music that suits the preferences of most Berliners and sets the tone for many of the city’s venues. Although given its large size, it is easy to find other sites with all kinds of music that fits any taste and moment.

Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichs chain are two of the fashionable neighborhoods in Berlin, very frequented by young people who fill up the many bars that line these streets on weekends. In the Friedrichschain area we can find all kinds of pubs, from alternative music, electronic music or small bars to have a quiet drink. For its part, the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhoodit is packed with quieter restaurants, cafes and bars. Oranienburger Strabe,  known for being one of the areas of Berlin where prostitution is most openly exhibited, is also a good option to dine and have a drink in the beer halls and cocktail bars, or enjoy a live concert in some of their premises.

Shopping in Berlin

Berlin is not yet a very exploited city at the tourist level, so souvenir shops are only found in those strategic areas with the maximum agglomeration of tourists.

In Friedrichstrasse, in the Mitte neighborhood, and on Kurfürstendamm avenue are the most exclusive shops in the city where you can find the most elegant clothes and jewelery from leading brands. Continuing along Kurfürstendamm, we arrive at the Kadewe or Kaufhaus des Westens shopping center, the most prestigious and expensive in Berlin. This large area, with more than 100 years of history, is among the largest in Europe.

But in Berlin there are shops for all tastes and all pockets. On Sundays it is held in the Maueparkthe most important market in Berlin with objects of all kinds, which are usually second-hand (books, records, clothes, musical instruments, etc.). In Kreuzberg, the Turkish quarter, it is also common to find typical neighborhood stores and flea markets, like the one organized in Boxhagener Platz, where we can find anything at quite affordable prices that we can lower thanks to the accepted technique of haggling. In this market there is also space to sell those objects that we no longer want or need.

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