Traveling is no longer what it used to be: the summer vacations of young people in crisis

The crisis has changed the way young people travel. Having little money and time for vacations has forced them to become much more planners and have to choose the destination by their budget and not by their desires.

7 out of 10 young people consulted state that they will go on vacation for a few days,  although they will have to do so with a very small budget: 52% will do so with less than 300 euros, 20% with less than 500 euros, 12% with less than 700 euros, 8% with less than 1,000 euros and only 9% will invest more than 1,000 euros in this year’s holidays. The remaining 30% of young people do not have a vacation budget and will have to stay at home. Among these, in addition, almost half of the cases, have not enjoyed a few days off for more than 2 years. To do his bit so that young people can enjoy a summer getaway, Ron Brugal launches ‘Brugal Verano Incluido’, a project that will allow 64 young Spaniards to live and enjoy themselves on the island of Ibiza.

If years ago young people left the search for a destination and the organization of the trip to the last moment, now time is the perfect ally to adjust to the budget. Thus, 58% of those surveyed claim to be a “planner” traveler who organizes their vacations with time and peace of mind, compares options, informs themselves and plans every detail and expense in advance.

Among the rest, only 8% define themselves as last-minute bargain hunters and another 9% prefer to travel improvising as they go. Up to a remaining 20% ​​prefer to delegate the prior organization of the trip to someone else.

The perfect summer

Asked about their perfect summer, the most popular response -44%- states that they prefer to travel to an island to enjoy its beaches and lifestyle. Many others -41%- continue to opt for the urban option, to get to know the world’s great metropolises, while other alternatives such as going camping to enjoy nature (10%) or visiting the most famous town festivals lose interest. Spaniards (5%).

As for the company, 30% of young Spaniards indicate that the best option is to travel with friends and a partner. Closely followed by 29% who prefer to enjoy their vacations only with their partner and 22% who prefer to do it with their group of friends. Only 7% opted for the family and 6% for a unisex group of friends.

The crisis has modified other behaviors related to summer vacations. Young Spaniards point out that they cannot travel to the destination they want due to lack of economic resources and that they travel to the cheapest. Among those who maintain their destination, they clarify that they significantly reduce the number of vacation days or make a cheaper plan.

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