Travel without surprises: the expenses we did not count on

The plan is decided: We are going to the Caribbean! We are ready to buy the ticket online at the indicated price and… surprise: the final cost doubles what we expected; management fees, air taxes and billing costs were not included.

No problem. The day has arrived and we are already at the destination. As soon as we arrive at the hotel, we want to contact the family to inform them that we have arrived safely. But why isn’t the internet working? It turns out that the wifi is paid.

The same or even greater anger ruins our day when we realize that the rented car has insurance to pay for, that we have to spend a euro to go to the bathroom, or that the beach chair we took was not free.

All of them, extra expenses that we do not have when planning the trip and that not only annoy us every time we have to face them, but can cause us a problem if the economy is tight.

To find out which of these surprises are most annoying when traveling, the flight search portal in Europe has carried out a survey which concludes that the extra expenses that annoy us the most are the unexpected commissions to the time to use ATMs and credit cards abroad. More than half of those surveyed complain about it, but this is not the only reason for anger on our vacations.

The most inconvenient extra expenses, in order of complaint

  • Commissions for cash withdrawal / use of credit card
  • Extra rental car insurance
  • Wifi access in hotels
  • Management fees in the purchase of tickets
  • Pay for a lounger
  • Pay for checked bags
  • Tip in bars and restaurants
  • Pay to enter the bathroom
  • Late check out rates in hotels
  • Having to buy bottled water
  • Price of alcohol abroad
  • Extra cost for mobile Internet use
  • Organized excursions
  • Taxi fares
  • Pay tickets in clubs
  • Souvenirs

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