Mustique, Kate Middleton’s hideout, the Beckhams, Jennifer Lopez…

What do Hugh Grant, Jennifer Lopez, Paul Newman, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Jennifer Aniston and Amy Winehouse have in common? All of them have been to paradise. In a paradise called Mustique.

Mustique is a Caribbean private island belonging to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is located 50 minutes by flight from Barbados and barely has 6 square kilometers of surface.  You don’t need more. In that extension it has enough to make it the favorite destination of celebrities.

Its main attraction is its privacy, since photographers do not have access to the island, but also its fine sandy beaches, its luxurious villas and its fame as an island for celebrities.

Decades of exclusivity on Mustique

The history of Mustique begins in 1958 when it was acquired by the Scottish aristocrat Colin Tennant, Baron Glen Conner, who bought it to make it a famous destination among European monarchs and aristocrats, after giving 10 acres of land to Princess Margaret as a gift. wedding.

Today it belongs to the Mustique company, which operates all the island’s services: 9 private beaches, 100 luxurious villas -74 of them for rent-, two hotels, a racetrack, a tennis club and a Beach club, the famous Basil’s Bar. But it is not the amount of services that differentiates Mustique from other places, but its exclusivity.

In fact, he owns a house that he has sometimes given to friends, such as Paul McCartney who spent his honeymoon here in 2001 with his wife Nancy Shevell. Other regulars are the British royal family and, curiously, also the Middletons for years. Precisely these days, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoy a few days of relaxation in Mustique with the mother and sister of Duchess Kate.

The Beckhams, Kate Moss, Isabel Preysler and Miguel Boyer, David Bowie, Bryan Adams, Tommy Hilfiger and Cat Deeley have also been to the paradise of Mustique. But not as many times as Kate Middleton, who has finally been caught -again- in a bikini, and also while pregnant.

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