Bremen, a region of emotions

In the former Hanseatic city in northern Germany, with its historic center surrounding the Main Square, one breathes the atmosphere of a young big city. Its best known ambassadors are the world famous Bremen Town Musicians. A few steps from the monument dedicated to these fairy tale figures, is the entrance to the emblematic Town Hall, in the Weser Renaissance style. Together with the admired statue of Rolando, which presides over the Plaza Mayor, they have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Small and cozy cafes invite you to rest and enjoy the cheerful atmosphere of the city center. A few minutes’ walk from the fabulous Plaza Mayor, you can admire the River Weser that crosses the heart of the city, giving it its peculiar maritime atmosphere.

A varied gastronomy to taste in its typical terraces, as well as the boats or the traditional antique markets, make the walk a delicious experience. In summer, in addition, the many outdoor events stand out, which, for the most part, can be attended for free.

Featured events

Over time, the Port of Europe in the city of Bremen has become the venue for events par excellence in the Hanseatic city. This summer it will host the Duckstein Festival for the first time. From June 4 to 13, 2010, music, actors and gourmets will set up their stalls in the recovered port area, to celebrate a great fair under the motto “Art, culture and gastronomy”.

Two weeks later, live music will sound from the circus tents set up on the banks of the Weser. The art is then staged outdoors, with all kinds of artists that amaze the public. On the occasion of the Breminale (from June 30 to July 4, 2010) fantastic children’s attractions and a greatopen-air cinema will transform the Osterdeich meadows into a large amusement park.

The program is both local and international, and contemplates broad aspects of current artistic activity. There is, of course, a large children’s area with fun activities for the little ones.

From August 13 to 15, La Strada takes place, the international circus festival that in its 15th edition transforms the squares surrounding Rolando, the Town Hall and the Bremen Town Musicians into a gigantic circus ring. There will be more than 120 shows by international street art artists, both new and established. They all come together in Bremen to stage their crazy stories, amaze people with their witticisms and move them with their poetry.

The biggest popular festival in the north

Stay up all night, until the dawn comes: while the south of Germany celebrates Oktoberfest, in the north they have 17 straight days of Ischa Freimaak, from October 15 to 31, in which autumn turns into state of emergency in Bremen.

The aroma of caramelized almonds envelops the city and on the esplanade, the colored lights of the carousels fill the warm autumn nights with magic. The mix of fun, camaraderie and excitement is something worth experiencing at Germany’s oldest and third-largest fairground.

Bremen is an ideal destination to discover a modern and traditional city at the same time.  There is a package that includes accommodation for two nights with breakfast included, a tour with audio-guide, a tasting of a typical “bratwurst” sausage, the Erlebnis CARD tourist card and a guide in English starting at (99 euros per person in a double room). In addition, several times a week there are direct flights to the northern German capital from Alicante, Girona, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca. Getting there from Spain is cheap and fast, and the Hanseatic city is a very varied and interesting urban destination even for a weekend getaway.

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