What does travel insurance cover?

In this article we tell you about travel insurance that if it is necessary to contract it for your vacations. If you have decided to take this step, it is very important that you take into account what your insurance covers and what does not.

The price of the insurance usually varies depending on what the policy covers, and it has to be adapted to your needs. Below we detail the most frequent coverage of travel insurance.

The most common coverage of travel insurance

1.Health care during the trip: it will depend on the insurance company. They usually include hospitalization expenses, surgical interventions, medical fees, nursing expenses and medicines. Check if travel (round trip) and accommodation (with the maximum number of days) of a companion in case of illness or accident are included.

2.Compensation in the event of a delay of more than 6 hours in the departure of the flight, with consequences of missing a connecting flight (transshipment), alternative transportation must be feasible or, in case of force majeure, accommodation to spend the night.

3.Cancellation of the trip due to technical or company problems: If the airlines do not take charge, they will be able to claim the reimbursement of the expenses derived from your obligatory stay (maintenance and lodging) and depending on the type of ticket, you will also receive compensation.

4.Overbooking: When this occurs, the airline usually offers financial compensation, accommodation until the time of departure, meals and transfers to and from the airport.  Compensation varies depending on the amount of the ticket and it is important to assert your right to be transferred as quickly as possible to your destination.

5.Transportation or repatriation of the deceased insured: Some policies include the displacement of an accompanying person (resident in the country or place of habitual residence of the deceased) who accompanies the body to the funeral home in their country of residence.

6.Location and shipment of luggage and personal effects, to the place of the planned trip or to the place of residence.

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