The canals of Amsterdam become a World Heritage Site

UNESCO has included the Amsterdam canals in its list of cultural assets designated as World Heritage. Since 2006 the country has been pursuing this title and was named at the 34th Meeting of the World Heritage Committee that took place in Brazil. In this way, since last August 1, the Amsterdam canal belt has obtained the same recognition as the Great Wall of China or the Alhambra in Granada.This title will mean a new impulse to the tourist activity of the country and will promote the conservation of the area. Spokesperson stated that “tourists from all over the world will come to the Netherlands to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the Amsterdam canals. For many foreigners the canals are as typical as windmills and tulips.”

The canals of Amsterdam are one of the most beautiful and characteristic images of the country, where tourists will find a wide range of leisure and gastronomy. Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht make up the four main canalsconcentric to whose borders are the characteristic houses of the area with narrow facades and built by merchants to facilitate the transport of merchandise.

All tourists who want to enjoy the architectural richness of the city cannot do without a boat trip, and the most romantic can opt for a night cruise. The most festive visitors cannot miss Queen’s Day, which on April 30 of each year celebrates Queen Juliana’s birthday and brings all the inhabitants of the area out into the streets.

Ninth cultural asset named by UNESCO

The Dutch people are enthusiastic about their new addition to the UNESCO list which aims to catalogue, preserve and publicize sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of mankind.

This is the country’s ninth contribution to the list, which already included Schokland, an ancient island of great archaeological importance; the network of mills in the town of Kinderdijk; the DF Wouda steam pumping station; or the defense line of Amsterdam.

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