Scary hotels for Halloween night

Halloween night is approaching and with it, the night of the living dead. If you are daring and you are interested in the esoteric, we encourage you to enjoy the November long weekend in a haunted hostel… Actually, there is no better way to enjoy Halloween, so below we show you a selection of the scariest accommodations where to live an unforgettable experience.

Queen Mary, Los Angeles (United States)

The Queen Mary is a ghost ship, which docked in Los Angeles in 1967 and was transformed into a hotel, where several guests have claimed to see ghosts. It is said that two ghosts can be seen in the pool, the souls of two guests who drowned. In the lounge, the ghost of a woman in a white dress has been seen, while in the first-class Suites it seems that the soul of a man in a suit still walks around today. On the other hand, cabin B340 remains closed to the public due to the large number of “spooky cases” reported.

But there is still more… It is said that the screams of a young sailor can still be heard who died trapped in the engine room, while screams also come from the kitchen as a cook died incinerated… What do you think? Not bad at all to start… right? Best of all, on the night of October 31, a Halloween party, special tours and all kinds of activities not suitable for the public are organized.

Carbisdale Castle, Culrain (Scotland)

Carbisdale Castle is an incredible castle located in Scotland, on top of a hill. It was built by the widow Duchess of Sutherland and inside it houses a large collection of art and a collection of marble statues that, at nightfall, turn into eerie silhouettes that seem to follow you as you walk.

On more than one occasion a ghost has been seen walking through the property, a woman dressed in white , probably the duchess herself who does not want to leave her home.  Sometimes the sad cry of a bagpipe accompanies this mysterious soul, but the piper has never been discovered.

Terra Mythica Hostel, Alba-iulia (Romania)

There is no more suitable place to enjoy Halloween night than Transylvania (or Wallachia, for some), in Romania. Many of us know that Bram Stoker’s fictional character, Count Dracula, was based on a real historical figure, Vlad Tepes, known as “Vlad the Impaler” for his disgusting habit of impaling his poor victims.

If you want to enjoy Halloween 2010 in the land of Dracula, Terra Mythica Hostel awaits you. It has a kind of lounge in the basement that has a spookiest air…

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ottawa (Canada)

Located in the center of the Canadian capital, HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel guarantees a most unique stay. The hostel is located in a former prison where the last public hanging in Canada took place. Patrick James Whelan was hanged at 11:00 a.m. on February 11, 1869, for the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee, one of the fathers of the Confederacy.

If you stay at this hostel, you will be able to visit death row and the gallows during the prison tour, and then sleep in one of the cells. Of course, you should know that there are rumors about the ghost of Patrick James Whelan walking through the halls…

Ostello Sette Santi, Florence (Italy)

A convent in Tuscany may not scare you… but if we tell you that it is an old monastery in the center of Florence where the betrayals and poisonings of the Borgia family took place does it change your opinion?? Put like that, the Ostello Sette Santi seems more macabre. Some say that at night they have heard the whisper of souls trapped in the convent walls… Perhaps in the middle of the night one of these lost souls will wake you up so that you can help them find forgiveness and eternal peace.

USA Hostels San Diego, San Diego (United States)

The USA Hostels San Diego hostel is located in what was a brothel in the 18th century.  Guests in one of its private rooms and the staff room have told stories for the past ten years about lights going on and off for no apparent reason, drafts without explanation, and other oddities. That is why that room became a bathroom, but the stories are not over.

Since then, in another room a guest felt her leg being grabbed, but when the lights were turned on, the rest of the guests slept peacefully in their beds. Two other guests explained how, in the middle of the night, they were awakened by loud banging coming from under their bunk beds. The blows apparently lasted 15 minutes and spread to all corners of the room, including the ceiling.

Karosta Prison Hostel, Liepaja (Latvia)

There are few buildings as haunting as the old prisons. Due to its perfect suitability for hosting guests, it is easy to imagine that in the world of hostels there is more than one prison that has been converted and restored to offer accommodation for backpackers.

However, Karosta Prison Hostel is unique. And it’s pretty scary! You can spend the night in a simple wooden bed and even, if you dare, choose the “Extreme Night” during which you will be treated like a true prisoner.

Loch Ness Hostel, Inverness (Scotland)

If sleeping surrounded by ghosts and lost souls doesn’t convince you, maybe you’d be more interested in staying in a hostel a stone’s throw from Loch Ness. Often “Nessie” is drawn as a funny water dragon, but those who have seen it (or say they have seen it), guarantee that it is not funny at all.

From the Loch Ness Hostel you will have views of Loch Ness, and surely there is no better day to make an appearance on the surface than the 31st of October. If you are more into monsters than ghosts, this Scottish hostel is the solution.

HI-Point Montara Lighthouse, Montara, United States

If all this seems too much and what you want is to enjoy the November long weekend with your family, there are also options. For the past eight years, little ghouls, goblins and their families have visited the HI-Point Montara Lighthouse to celebrate Halloween night.

It is really worth seeing how one of the most picturesque hostels (it is a lighthouse) becomes a fun place to celebrate Halloween: workshops, games, entertainment or magic tricks, so that the little ones can have fun. in big. There’s even a puppet theater and a huge cardboard dragon. By the way, both children and adults are invited to dress up.

Hostel Celica, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Hostel Celica (which in Slovene means cell) is a former prison on Metelkova street that has been renovated. Each of the twenty cells has been decorated and designed by a different author or group of authors, who have transformed a prison cell into a hostel cell. They all keep the metal bars on the doors and windows, so it’s a bit scary.

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