Dive among Tahitian black pearls

Discover in Tahiti and its Islands the cultivation of the unique black pearls, located in the Pearls of Havaiki oyster park and immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of the Fakarava lagoon in search of your own natural jewel.

In the Tuamotu archipelago there are 250 pearl farms that produce the rare black pearls in an artisanal and environmentally friendly way. One of them is Pearls of Havaiki, located in the Fakarava atoll, a World Biosphere Reserve by Unesco since 1977 and integrated into the Man and Biosphere Program, MAB.

In addition to publicizing the process of cultivating pinctada margaritifera oysters, Pearls of Havaiki proposes playing the Pearls lottery which consists of snorkeling in the oyster park and personally looking for the precious treasure that you can keep as a souvenir. In addition, your own pearl can become a wonderful jewel to wear as a pendant, earrings, etc…, thanks to the artistic skills of the Havaiki staff.

A paradise in the middle of the islands

The originality, sustainability and dissemination of the islanders’ traditions have been the keys for the experience “Diving among the black pearls of Tahiti in the Fakarava atoll, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve” to have won a Special Mention at the XV Competition for the Best Active Tourism Product at FITUR 2010. Rare species of fauna and flora inhabit the ecosystem of the Fakarava atoll, such as the kingfisher or the Tuamotu palm tree, and the richness of its seabed attracts numerous divers every year, although the tourism is still in its infancy. Its charming hotels and family establishments, such as the Havaiki Pearl Guest House bungalow complex itself, offer a unique refuge, in contact with its friendly people. Among the obligatory visits, the pearl farms and the old town of Tetamanu, with one of the first Catholic churches built with corals in the 19th century.

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